World’s number one hoist

Trusted for over 90 years

Innovation and engineering excellence

The widest

by OEM’s

Australia wide service network

Since 1925

Rotary, the world’s most trusted hoist company has set the benchmark for vehicle hoists.

Responsible for many of the revolutionary steps taken by the automotive hoist industry, Rotary prides itself on continuous innovation throughout more than 90 years of engineering experience.

Offering unmatched quality, reliability, safety and productivity enhancing features, Rotary understands the industry like no other.

With the widest variety of hoists on the market, Rotary manufactures: In-Ground, Two Post, Four Post, Column Lifts and Scissor Lifts. There is a perfect solution for everything from small vehicle workshops through to large scale commercial operations.

A global manufacturer, Rotary is also an OEM supplier to many of the most prestigious vehicle manufacturers, including BMW, Mercedes and Alfa Romeo.
If you are looking for an investment in the future, Rotary Hoists offers peace of mind and many years of reliable service.

Un-matched Service

With Precision Automotive Equipment the new Master Distributor for Rotary Hoists, the service red carpet has been rolled out for Rotary in Australia.

The service offering reflects Rotary’s pedigree and quality, with an unmatched, Australia wide authorised service agent network that provides peace of mind and the best after-sales service and support available.

Stocking a large range of spare parts and consumables, any issues or servicing requirements can be rectified in quick time, allowing you to get on with what you do best.

Want to add further productivity to your business? Rotary offer a range of accessories designed to add value, improved efficiency as well as flexibility to your hoist operations.

With Rotary, you are not just buying the world’s most trusted hoist; you are buying into the support network your investment deserves.